Gaumukh Tapovan
Gaumukh Tapovan
Indian Himalayas, Uttarakhand, Garhwal
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Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st October 2019
My group of 5 went on a 6d5n trek to gaumukh tapovan with Rajesh and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He was a really chill guide and didnt rush us too much, also he was flexible in his planning and planned appropriately for the pace of our group along the way. Highly recommend going with him for this trek!

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st October 2019
Rajesh led us for this beautiful trek. He was very kind and polite, sometimes joking with us too. He was patient with our slow group and we enjoyed getting to know him too! He also has an eye for safety and is experienced enough to give advice on changes in plans. Nights were really chilly as the sleeping bags didn't seem to protect very well from cold. But rajesh's team was kind enough to lend us an extra blanket.

Review for Baldev Rana, 1st May 2016
I have been with him many times. He is more like an elder brother to me. Very supportive and helpful man. Best services provider in garhwal Himalaya. Equipment were very good. Food quality and services were best. Do take his services.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st May 2018
The sincere and genuine guy who can help you out in knowing the Himalayas. We did the Tapovan trek with his team and it's the most reliable with equipments, foods, arrangements and the money. And wish to work together for the Uttarakhand Himalayas together. Thank you so much for the support and the adventure of the lifetime. As we were in the mountains and now they are within us. Thank you Sherpafeet for the sharing the people like Rajesh Thakur.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st May 2018
Rajesh is an educated,witty,skilled,friendly,jovial and inspiring guide. His company would make you fall in love all the more with trekking and the mountains.You would yearn to take him along with you in your next venture.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st May 2018
Rajesh is very dedicated to his job. You can trust him blindly as his only motto is to make you reach your destination crossing all impediments. Further his company is delightful and the service that he renders is beyond praise.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st May 2018
I remembered our Gomukh trek when just after crossing 4-5 k.m. I started to experience severe breathing problems. Rajesh Thakur was our guide. He took my load and boosted me with his inspiring words. I remember what he said, “No body comes 1st in trekking, Sir, one only has to complete it. My job is not only to reach to the destination but also to take you there.” This had given me strength. I reached Bhurjbasa at about 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. And most importantly from next day onwards those words of inspiration became my power of heart that helped me to complete the whole trek without trouble. I not only admire and adore this jubilant and witty fellow but also respect him for his vision of life. Thanks Rajesh for your help.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st May 2018
After few minutes of talking with him I felt as if I've known him for years, yes, he is that jolly,friendly and humble. Through out the trek he had been very much helpful and informative and witty as well. On our way back to Gangotri I was limping due to knee injury and Rajesh stayed all along with me and he not only gave me physical support but also helped me to keep my morale up. I'd definitely like to go to another trek with him and I wish him every success to all his future endeavor.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st May 2018
Trek to Gomukh and then Tapovan from Gangotri, via Chirbasa and Bhujbasa in Garhwal Himalayas is always considered a bit challenging for the trekkers. One needs to be very much cautious and also requires constant assistance from trained guides. Fortunately we had with us - Rajesh, a trained climber as well as a diligent, responsible, meticulous, well-educated and witty companion whose motto is to let even the last one reach his destination safely. To cope pace with him on the stony, rugged and bouldered uphill climb is a unique experience. He must be acclaimed as the best guide for the trekkers to this way.

Review for Baldev Rana, 1st September 2018
I did tapovan trek last was an amazing experience........these guys are very professional....they go outta the ways to give u a lifetime experience....the complete trek was a delight & jst can't forget the taste of the food served to us at that altitude.....Thank u Rajbir & the complete team....will look forward to many other treks !!!!

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st October 2018
October end, an early winter, colder weather and lighter air to breathe. I was planning for Gangotri-Gaumukh-Tapovan and it happened so I first time discover Sherpafeet and Rajesh Thakur was recommended by the admin only. He was the only one got in touch with me, very promptly. Since the beginning he arranged everything, right from making permit, arranging car and driver for my nelong valley trip, which was not even his job. Rajesh is a happy go lucky guy. He knows how to make you laugh during the cold and hard climbs. He is honest. This journey became home for me, and all thanks to only and only Rajesh who clubbed my solo trip with a bong family and at the end I almost forgot I didn't belong to them. I realised, Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow. The most important thing is, the spirit, which I felt in this little hilly guy. He travels and he becomes.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st October 2018
Very well organised, honest, caring and takes perfect decisions. He provided us good Food, good Tents, Sleeping Bags and arranged Transport from Haridwar and back at a very reasonable rate. I would obviously think of him in next Treks.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st October 2018
We went on the Gaumukh-Gangotri-Tapovan with Rajesh Thakur and his team. The team led by him was very co-operative, sincere, sympathetic, honest and punctual. All the qualities of his team members has been acquired by the wise leadership of Rajesh Thakur.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st November 2018
Beautiful and wonderful people are guided to us and most sinsear wih cearfull leader for the trekkers and we are complete the gangotri -goumukh - tàpavon trek though Mr. Rajesh Thakur..... with proudly......

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st October 2018
He is very caring and dependable. This was my first trek.. but he was so helpful that i never felt low. So my blessing to rajesh and his whole team. Looking forward to go for many more treks with you and your team.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st September 2019
We did this trek in September 2019, the arrangement made by Rajesh was surprising to us as we have never thought of such arrangement of Food & camping. Rajesh is warm personality and highly motivated guide (recommendable!), during the trek to all the members of group and his advice during the trek helped to complete our trek. Rajesh is good professional, caring and leader to lead the trek. He & his team listens to you and full fill your requirement or expectations as per camping. Our group of 8 members truly enjoyed the trek and completed safely. Many thanks Rajesh & team. Keep Smiling and KUDOS to you and your team. Arun

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st November 2019
Had a wonderful trek at Gaumukh with Rajesh's team this year. Rajesh set a great pace with our relative unfitness and was flexible, adjusting the rest days to suit the team's needs. The weather was chilly (last few treks of the season) hence we stayed in a lodge for one of the nights. The accommodation and tents were otherwise fantastic. Would highly recommend for those who are climbing with older participants or have some physical limitations but still keen to explore and adventure!

Review for Mukesh Panwar, 1st October 2019
Mukesh and his boys have made our trek extremely comfortable and hassle free. Right from pick-up and drop to recommending places to stay and permits. Uttarkashi office was closed and hence we have to take permit from Gangotri but Mukesh made it possible and easy for us. Not just for this trek but he was helpful in providing transport and stay for our rest of the journey in Uttrakhand.

Review for Raghuveer Singh, 12th June to 18th June 2018
Raghuveer ji and his team made it one memorable trek. Although many members cancelled this trek due to landslides, Raghuveer ji made it sure that only two of us can also do it and he won't hesitate to guide the same way even though it wasn't do affordable for him. He is one genuine and passionate trek guide who knows everything of his routes so you can trust him blindly. He also gave us a lot of information about the places around there. Not only trek but even after that he took us to the places nearby without asking or hesitating for a bit. We are very thankful to such great human being and will recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trek guide in his domains.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st October to 6th October 2012
Rajesh was our guide to Gaumukh trek. He was very skillful and paid attention to every detail. We were very happy with his professional and caring attitude. Thank you Rajesh.

Review for Rajesh Thakur, 25th May to 2nd June 2019
It was my second trek after Vaishno Devi shrine trek Gamukh trek was very different and he helped a lot to complete the trek There were times when we were not able to walk but he motivated as well took our backpacks though he was already loaded. A very polite,friendly team leader who makes somebody feel that he/she is as good or important in the team. My sincere thanks

Review for Raghuveer Singh, 2nd October to 7th October 2015
It was a marvellous trek. Food and tent arrangement were just awesome. Raghuvirji along with other two porter-brothers were ever alert and took proper care of me. In short, KAMAL K TREK EK KAMAL KA GUIDE K SATH..

Rohit N, Pune
Review for Raghuveer Singh, 12th July to 18th July 2018
Everything was planned but unfortunately a big group of 12+ people had to cancel trek so we (only 2 ppl) left and as we already did booking prior a month ago it was not possible to delay the trek. Without considering the profit Mr. Raghuveer Singh gave us confirmation that he and his crew would be continuing the trek for us. To be honest this route to Gangotri-Tapovan is not that crowded being the moderate difficult one and less famous and hence I was a bit tensed because of the adventure yet to come but thanks to Mr. Raghuveer treating us like family member and our doubts and queries lessened to an extent upon starting the trek. Entire crew took ultimate care of us and not to forget we didn’t feel like we are away from home with that finger licking food at such high altitude.We were really blessed to have such an experienced guide like him and hope to see you the next time on trek. I would highly recommend Mr. Raghuveer Singh for anyone considering to do a trek. Keep up the good work guys !

Review for Raghuveer Singh, 1st May to 8th May 2018
This was my first trek, and I was lucky enough to meet Raghuveer as my guide. He is indeed a great and carrying person with a brave heart, which I realized while returning back from Tapovan when our group caught up in a situation that we could not cross the river Ganges. He took all courageous efforts with his team that he could to make us cross it. I wish him all the best for his carrier, and would definitely like he meet him very soon with one more excited trip...Keep it up Raghuveer

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