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Brahmatal, 24th December to 29th December 2019
We had a great trek. All the arrangements done by Man Singh were perfect. He is a very professional and friendly person. He was fully equipped with every equipment for every situation. We saw that none of the other groups had been given equipments like crampons in snow weather but Man Singh had. Also, he is very accommodating of any requests. All in all, hes a perfect guide for brahmataal as he knows the area well and will ensure that you have a perfect experience.

Brahmatal, 24th December to 29th December 2019
Had a wonderful experience. Great person Mansingh Bhai is. Proper equipments, clean camps, great food. Had an overall positive experience.

He is a great cook guide come friend..!!lovely soul!The equipments provided by him was great..and the caring under those mountains..I was surprised to find pasta and poha for breakfast..and pulao and gulab jamun at night..created by the master Sherpa himself..he acted as a guide and helped us through diffiy terrains..motivating us forward..and the beauty u get to see all your effort!

Mann Singh is recommended for everyone for every trek, his hospitality and caring for the trekkers is beyond explanation. His cook, Jagat Singh Bisht was equally good and also served us with good quality of food. The equipment's he carried to support us , were excellent. We wish to do more treks with him. Finally Good Luck Mann Singh

Brahmatal, 1st December 2018
We were a group of 7 who did Brahmatal trek with Mansingh Bisht Ji. He being a local from Wan, we had an authentic experience of local culture. The service provided was outstanding. The quality of food, tents, sleeping bags and other equipment was too good. He is a great guy, very friendly and was accommodating with us in terms of timings and other needs. Did not make any fake promises at any point of time. As promised, we had a private trek instead of clubbing with any other group of trekkers. With him and his team, the trek felt like an enjoyable journey rather than a strenuous routine of 4 days. Hats off to him and his team for working tirelessly in such extreme conditions. Will definitely choose him as our guide if we plan another trek.

Brahmatal, 1st November 2018
The Gharwal region is one of the favorite spot for the globe trekkers. The colorful mountains and the wide range of snow peak mountains makes it very dear for us. Since we are small group of trekkers and want to be who we are in those mountains, we often tag along with the local guides and trekking leads based out of these regions(also they would directly benefit from us). Mansingh is from Wan and quite popular with Roopkund and other treks especially in Gharwal. Mansigh has a perfect team of guides, porters, cook etc. He is quite experienced in these mountains and knows most of them first hand. We specifically loved the way he guides to climb those mountains, making sure we enjoy the views and he shares his incredible knowledge on the geography. Like any professional, his equipment's ranging from tents to sleeping mats are excellent and the food they served was brilliant. We would hugely recommend Mansingh and his teams for any of trekking and expedition. Look forward to join him for other treks!

Brahmatal, 1st November 2018
Man sigh ji himself is quite competent, caring, friendly..his team is good too..they all take care of the trekkers very nicely and provide assistance at any phase and conditions if at all any difficulty we had to face heavy snow fall during the whole of our 3rd day some of our team was facing difficulty while coming down hill due to slippery snow..but the guides were really very careful to ensure safe footing. food..tents...other infrastructure services are good too..overall great experience to be with.

Mansingji is a great,equipments everything was perfect...ejoyed the trek a lot with his team..planning to go again with him very soon....thank you so much made this trek really spl. With your care and support..

The equipments and food were very good. Equipments were very modest and very comfortable in use. Food was tasty and always served hot and fresh. Guide and his team were very helpful and generous in their work. Maan Singh ji was professional in his work.All this things made my trip.Highly recommend.

The equipments and food were very good. Equipments were very modest and very comfortable in use. Food was tasty and always served hot and fresh. Guide and his team were very helpful and generous in their work. Maan Singh ji was professional in his work.All this things made my trip.Highly recommend.

He is one of the best trekking guides I have met so far..he treats you like his own family and make sure that you won’t face any sort of trouble on the way.A wonderful person with a great enjoyed trekking roopkund with him..highly recommend 👍

Superb guide, with all quality equipments needed at that high altitude, really good tents and sleeping bags, besides the good care that mansinghji and and his team provided. Hygienic, good quality and timely meals given, and as per our preference...kuwarsingh thank you for the delicious hot meals at that high altitude. The tea was perfectly kadak with less water and sugar;) just as we liked it...and not to forget the hot bournvita milk before sleeping. Very friendly and kind people. Mansingh just understood our pace and made our climb so comfortable. With his amazing contacts, in the extreme weather we faced, he managed to arrange fibre huts for us, without which it would be extremely difficult to face 6 hours of heavy snowfall. All in all one doesn't need to think twice before booking a trek with him. These guys really work hard to make our trek comfortable, so one request to all, don't bargain with these guys, a 1000 here and there doesn't make us poor..hope all of u trekking with this team have a good time...we surely shall plan a trip with him soon

Brahmatal, 1st March 2018
Awesome guide with great sense of humour. Provided delicious food while trekking. Equipments provided by him are world class. Tents and sleeping bags were warm. Don't even think twice before booking him. He is the man who can make your trek awesome.

Brahmatal, 1st January 2017
I would any given prefer trek with Mansingh over anyone else. The campsite was awesome. Food was delicious. We completed the trek in 3 days and that too on the different and difficult terrain. Hospitality was very good and the staff was friendly and warm. They had all the necessary equipment. I wish I could share some photos here. Everything was way better than what other private companies are offering.

Perfect track for new commer if you have a perfect guide and supporting member. We enjoyed the whole trek in the guidance of Mr. Maan Sing's brother Kanwar Sing . Mansingh is a guide come family member. We will not be able to enjoy so much in guidance of any other private company as we enjoyed with the team MaanSing . They are local of this area and have whole -ve and +ve knowledge about the area . Equipments provided and Foods served during the trek was noticeable.

We did Brahmatal trek from 26 to 31 January, 2018. Responsible and patient guide. Excellent Custom made Sleeping Bags for extreme weather conditions. Excellent quality equipment.

Mansingh is a guide come family member. His behavior, guidance, wits are like of a well known friend. All the equipments provided by him was up to the mark. Foods served during the trek was of good quality and quantity. He guided the group of people with mixed pace of walking and made sure that no one is left behind. A brilliant guide with great sense of humor.

Brahmatal, 1st December 2017
It was a wonderful experience trekking with Man Singh and his group. They are knowledgeable as well as cool headed person who can guide u throughout the terrain with some witful funny jokes. The accomodation provided by them are good in standard and the food was as expected in such treks. One can rely him and his group in such treks.

Brahmatal, 1st December 2017
Mansingh is very good guide. He and his brother is very witful and funny. He becomes close friend within little time. His team supports the last member of the trekkers group. So not to worry for slow trekkers.

Brahmatal, 1st December 2017
Recently, I undertook a solo trek to Brahmtal, with Mansing Bisht as the guide. Right from the start, arriving at Kathgodam, to reaching the base camp at Lohajung, and then onward for the trek, Mansingh kept a keen eye on the arrangements and my needs. He is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the terrain. The knowledge one acquires with a guide such as Mansingh is simply unparalleled! The other great part is that Mansingh is extremely accommodating to customise the trek completely to the needs of his clients. In my trek, since we reached the lake much quicker than the other groups, I expressed a desire to scale all the peaks around Brahmtal. Mansingh was more than happy to oblige my requests. In his own special way, each of the meals had been planned out, reflecting the details to which Mansingh had thought out the entire trip. All in all, I was extremely happy and satisfied with the services rendered by Mansingh and would highly recommend him over the other available guides.

Guys visit brahmatal and feel the thrill with maansing ji. Just dont cross your words with them,they are smart enough to feel you like moron!!! Jokes apart we find everything up to the mark during our visit to brahmatal with maansing bhist and co stuffs. Heartily recommended.

Brahmatal, 1st December 2017
He is very cooperative and very good company to go along. Equipments provided are excellent. He is so witty as if we know each other for a long time. Hope you go with him and enjoy.

Strong man with cool mind,trustful and he will help at every instance in the trek. He got good stuff in his head which reveals the secrets of specific spots in the trek.

Roopkund, 1st May 2017
Mansingh Bisht, local from wan is an avid trekker and experienced guide. As he is born and raised in Wan village, he knows every bit of the trail and it's history. Very honest and responsible. He can arrange things very well. Charges less than others.

Mr. Man singh bisht ji is best tour guide.... He is a best person...

A very good guide and tried his very best to make us fell comfortable in the trek

The best guide for roopkund trek. He is experienced and fully trustworthy. He can take care of everything. Believe me without his support I'll not be able to return after summit. Thank you very much Man Singh ji.

Roopkund trek..really amazing..bisht ji were very helpful..looking forward for more trek experience..congratulations..!!!

Roopkund trek... Finest guide.... Uttarakhand.... Mansingh.... Genuinity at best...

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