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Rajesh Panwar
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Dodital, 25th December to 1st January 2020
We really had a fantastic time under the guidance of Mr. Rajesh. 14 of us went in a group. The way he took care of each and every one of was was awesome. The food that they prepared was delicious. I'd highly recommend him to all my friends whoever has interest to trek in Gangotri region. Kudos to Rajesh and his efforts.

He is very friendly and helpful guide, He care a lot about the nature. I went for a solo trek with him. The response time was good, He have good contact with the village people and he speak local mountain people language fluently. He did not urge during trek, he let me take my own time.

Dodital, 1st April 2019
Rajesh is an expert and he is amazing at what he is doing. Wonderful experience. We( me and my partner Sara) met Rajesh at Uttarakashi after our hotel manager recommended him. We stayed with Rajesh at his homestay and did the trek in a couple of days. Sharing time with Rajesh and his beautiful family was heartwarming. A relationship which is gonna last a lifetime. Rajesh's wife Sarita cooked for us the tastiest food. Prince- Rajesh's son showed us his cartwheel expertise and we had fun practicing yoga poses. Aditya - Rajesh's newborn daughter is a blessed won. Her smiles made our experience more wonderful. The trek was the best we had. Once in a lifetime experience. Rajesh helped us in every possible way and made us feel that we are in total safe hands. His expertise in trekking in thick snow is the best. This was our first trek in deep snow and he made it a wonderful journey. Thank you Rajesh for everything and looking forward for many many such wonderful experiences.

Dodital, 1st December 2018
Great hospitality and management. Tents are clean and properly managed. Food is delicious. Trekking with Rajesh Bhaiya and crew was an amazing experience. Worth of every penny!!!! I highly appreciate and recommend taking a trip with Rajesh Bhaiya.

Dodital, 1st October 2018
Rajesh had organised the whole trek with minutest details. He is humble, punctual and caring. The food & stay arrangements were very good. I would use his services for other treks also. And will also recommend him.

Dayara Bugyal, 1st February 2019
Rajesh is a very professional guide and knows the trek route very thoroughly. He guided our group of 60 participants through 3-4 feet snow and also helped in arranging a stay in Barsu village, trekking equipments on rent, cook and kitchen materials.

Dodital, 1st September 2018
Rajesh is a very nice guy and helping by nature. He describes the matter very clearly. Also support the weak member of the group and continuous encourage us.

Dodital, 1st September 2018
He is very patient and knowledgeful of the terrain en route. He taught us about putting up tents and collecting good wood for campfire. He also provided us with very good quality food. His own homestay at Agoda village was very good.

Dodital, 1st September 2018
He is friendly and broad minded. He arranged everything for a comfortable trek for the whole period. We stayed for 2 nights in his rest house. It was very comfortable one, keeping in mind it's in Agora. He arranged nice food during the trek, I never expected it to be so good. We had various cuisines ranging from Maggie to gulab jamun. We had local dishes like Dalia, gulab jelly, etc. He helped those who were unable to climb. He was encouraging during the whole trek.

Dodital, 1st March 2017
Rajesh is a very calm and nice guy. He took us thru to the lake and Darwa top and made sure we were all enjoying while at it! I recommend him a 100% The food was nice and the camping equipment was good quality as well. On the way we were also told about the forest line and the snow line and different flora and fauna there. The halts were well spaced and the locations well selected.

Dodital, 1st April 2018
A good guide and an excellent host. Known him and his family for several years, one can trust his honesty as well as his mountaineering skills. His local geographic and cultural knowledge is at par with bests..

Dodital, 1st April 2017
Rajesh is knowledgeable and an experienced guide. His experience n expertise in the dodital/daraya-bugyal mountains is abundant which will help in case of unforseen calamities. He lead our trip like our friend and created a vibrant hiking experience. Will definitely travel again with him He even has a home stay in agonda Village which comes in between dodital trek which helps in local support.

Dodital, 1st November 2017
Rajesh is a profesional local guide that also owes a lovely guest house Bharat in Agora. He knows the area perfectly well, speaks very good english and is very reliable. At the time of the year there are not many treckers so the loge at doditel was closed. When we arrived Rajesh had the key for the loge, he opened and made fire, and a tasty chai and meal. In the morning, he also had made breakfast. We have seen some wild life and he also showed me the bird monal, a sacred bird from this area with beautiful colors, very similar to the pheasant. Great experience! I recommend.

Dodital, 1st March 2017
Rajesh Panwar is a professional guide with extensive Himalayan knowledge. He is also the owner of Bharat Lodge (Homestay) at Agoda Village. He has helped me and my team with several treks in Uttarkashi district namely Tapovan, Nandanvan, Kedar Tal, Dayara Bugyal, Dodi Tal.

27th December 2016, Kedarkantha.

Rajesh guided my wife and I up to Tapovan and then Kedertal last fall, 2016. Rajesh had two porters and a cook, we just had to carry our own personal gear and all of our food, tent were packed for us. We enjoyed spectacular Indian meals, a safe and most enjoyable experience. When we return to India Rajesh will be guiding us!

I recently trekked to Dodital with my friends last week with immense and prompt support from Rajesh bhaiya. Meeting him was a great pleasure. I initially had planned to do Hampta pass trek however due to political crisis we had to cancel last minute and immediately planned for Dodital.. I got in touch with Rajesh bhaiya and told him i would reach in few hours and want to do this trek the next day. I was unsure as to Bhaiya would be able to make arrangements at such short notice but he welcomed us with warm heart and open arms to his surreal bharat home stay at agora which is the base village for the trek and got everything we asked for arranged... food, tents, sleeping bags.. we got it all. I am so glad to have done this trek accompanied by Rajesh bhaiya who is not just a wonderful guide but also a lovely human being. Thanks to sherpafeet for promoting such talented individuals that are hidden in the heart of the Himalayas. Keep up the Good work. 😇👍🏻

Great person !!! Had an awesome trek and homestay cuz of Rajesh bhai.

Rajesh is a good friend & guide.Been to Diara,dodital with him & month may been to Deorital,chopta Tungansth, Kedarnath & Badrinath etc under his guidence.Awsome person to trek with & slightest needs will b taken care of so well.Trekking with him again in a short time.Thsnks to Rajesh for making our dreams come true.

Best guide to have on my trek. Had a Lovely memorable 4 day trek of Dayara. Rajesh has vast trekking experience which is seldom noticed from his ever cool composure. He took care of smallest of our need. We were on a 4 day trek to Dayara top. First day climb was fun. Weather was warm and we were eager to see snow. we spotted some patches of snow. On Second day climb we touched some fallen snow. Still the weather was pleasant and we camped. Third day we went to the top and were greeted by small showers of snow fall. On returning to camp all of us sitting besides campfire wanted to extend trek by one more day. But that night brought a new surprise. It started snowing heavily. Rajesh took care to digging trenches for the water to bypass the tents and periodically removed snow from tent. We did not have any experience of snow. By morning the whole landscape was transformed to white and it was like the mid winter. No patch of bare ground was visible, a feet of snow had fallen around the campsite. None of us were prepared for this snow storm and by morning, snowfall increased. Rajesh to quick decision to re-route us back to safety. None of us could realize the route back as snow covered all tracks. This was the time when real expedition skills of Rajesh came to play. He maneuvered our group on snow clad hills. At times snow had reached our knees and above. By evening we safely returned to base. Its a memorable trek. I plan to trek with Rajesh every year.

16 August 2017...he is awsm guide and trekker

He is my good friend and guide

Amazing person and a wonderful person and an experienced guide.

The best of best trekkers n I enjoyed Darwa top trek. Amazing experience with your team

Awesome person.....love the trek to Dayara top !!!! Hope to join him for many more treks ...cheers buddy ....

Awesome Person to trek along...loved all the treks with u.Dodital, Darwa top,Dayara bugiyaal...luking ahead to many more adventurous treks...Gud luck...

June 2011, Dodital Sarva top Hanumanchatti trek

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