Hampta Circle
Hampta Circle
Indian Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh
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Review for Bhumidev Thakur, 1st September 2018
I only spoke to him on phone asking about the price and details of the trek, first of all he was asking for too much money for a short 1 day trek, secondly he started speaking in an unprofessional and demotivating manner. Saying you wont be able to do the trek at my speed, i will not carry any of your material. Even after me negotiating with him, he in the end straight away denied that he won't do the trek. This is not proffesional or co-operating behaviour in any way. thank god i didnt go with him on the trek, god knows what all he'd have said and all.

Review for Ravi Thakur, 1st December 2017
An amazing person, Ravi has the charm as strong as the mountains to make a difference to a trekker's experience. From leading the trek to introducing the place and talking about it's history, mythology and ancient folklore, Ravi ensures the trekkers have a memorable experience. I trekked in the Phakonda Ranges close to Manali with Ravi in December,2017 and I was amazed by his energy level, trek leading skills and generosity. He has knowledge of all safety aspects to be taken care of on a trek as well as dealing with the unpredictable weather conditions. He ensures each of his trekkers have a wholesale experience and I am looking forward to trekking in the mountains again with him.

Review for Ravi Thakur, 1st October 2018
Doing the Hampta-circle-trek with Ravi as the guide was an amazing experience.The complete trek was a delight & jst can't forget the taste of the food served to us at that altitude.He surpassed all our expectations in all the fields, be it food, camps, local knowledge, professional conduct of the whole trek. Ravi is a very simple, friendly and a reliable guy who would take care of everyone at every point always ensuring everyone's comfort.He arrange all the things on a very short notice which is again a plus point.I wish him all the success in his future, would highly recommend him to just about any sort of trekker.

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