Hampta Pass
Hampta Pass
Indian Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh
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Jaikant Kumaran, Bangalore
Review for Ravi Thakur,
I met Ravi in September 2016. At that time he was guiding for the Hampta Pass Trek. Ravi came across as a simple person. Over time I have got to know him a little better and can vouch for his honesty. I wish Ravi all the best in his future Endeavours.

Review for Ravi Thakur, 1st July 2019
Did Hampta Pass in july 2019 with Ravi ji as our guide. Even after last minute cancellations by other trekkers, Ravi ji decided to continue with the trek with very few trekkers that highlighted his professionalism. As beginner trekkers, there was nothing more we could ask for from our guide. He provided us with top quality equipments and gear. Our safety and health was his top priority all the time - little things like using the oxymeter or reminding us consistently to drink water so that we do not get hit by AMS assured us that we were in safe hands. Food during the entire trek was nothing short of exceptional (we had gulab jamuns and gajar ka halwa at 12000ft which was a pleasant surprise). All in all, I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to do treks in this area - his work ethic and professionalism speaks a lot about his character.

Review for Ravi Thakur, 1st September 2017
My first trek from Manali, Hampta Pass, happened to be along with Ravi, and thanks to him, my experience was a whole lot more enriching. His decisions as a leader are sound and made entirely keeping the trekker in mind. He is a simple Human being with a kind heart willing to speak joy among his trekkers at every instant.

Review for Ravi Thakur, 1st June 2017
The meticulous way of planning trek shows the knowledge in the area. Providing good quality camp, sleeping bags and other gears and tasty food. Also warm friendly and addresses all the issues of the clients. Safety of the clients were taken care of properly.

Review for Ravi Thakur, 1st June 2018
To whomsoever it may concern, I'd trekked with Ravi for Hampta Pass and I'd be very honest with you; he's more than what meets the eye. A helpful, considerate and a detached soul who promises to deliver more than what you might expect. I strongly believe that whichever trek you would like to go with Ravi, he will never cease to amaze his clients by his graceful wit, intellect and mountaineering knowledge. Wishing him all the best for his future endeavors.

Review for Ravi Thakur, 1st June 2018
Definitely I recommend him. As per my experience during my Hampta Pass trek, I felt that He is really a nice guy, always helpful energetic. As well as this Hampta Pass corridor he knows very well. His team mates are similar to him. Quality of Food are excellent.

Review for Ravi Thakur, 1st July 2018
I had my first himalayan trek and all things were organised well starting from Pickup-food-guidance-Trekking. Good Arrangements from ravi sir and his team. Had an amazing experience. The scenic beauty was mesmerizing.

Review for Ravi Thakur, 1st July 2018
Ravi should be the most professional guide that I have encountered in the mountains. His care of minute details speaks a lot about his character. The safety of his trekkers is his utmost priority. Of course, the food was great, and good quality gears. Would definitely recommend him.

Review for Bhumidev Thakur, 6th August to 6th August 2018
Had A great trek with Bhumi Dev Ji. He charged nominal rates fot the trek. Was very well spoken and behaved. Had an immense knowledge of the trek and peak surroundings. Explained me about different landscapes of the trek and was very cooperative regarding every aspect. We did it solo style with him so he even helped us in preparing and arranging our meals. Stamina and speed was not a problem for him despite his age as we completed the trek in 4 days. For me highly recommended person and 5 stars for him.

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