The guides on our platform is a carefully curated list from the different valleys in the Himalayas. We have local businesses from every significant valley in the himalayan region, making it easy for you to book your treks and trips. We select only the most capable guides to be on our platform. If you know of someone who strongly deserves to be listed, send us his/her details along with your recommendation for us to consider it further.
Why you should trek with a local business or local guide
All trekking and tour companies who conduct treks and tours in the himalayas, outsource their trips to the local businesses, so when you book directly with a local business you cut out the middleman. The businesses and guides on our platform have served the best names in the industry.

Benefits you get

  1. Trekking with a local business or guide is a better experience, as they have SMALLER groups of ~ 10 people unlike companies which have HUGE group sizes ~ 25 to 50 people. The best experience and safety in the mountains is with smaller groups.
  2. Trekking with a local business or guide is a richer experience, because he knows the local folks tales and culture and is more committed to your safety and experience.
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